Kazakh worker to be rewarded in South Korea for saving people from fire

Kazakh worker to be rewarded in South Korea for saving people from fire
A migrant worker from Kazakhstan, identified only by his given name Ali, rescued South Koreans from a fire a month ago in Yangyang County. He smelled something burning when he arrived at his studio apartment at 11 p.m. on March 23. One of the rooms was engulfed in flames. He could not kick down the door, so he climbed gas pipes and television cables to save a woman who was still in the room. Unfortunately, she died in a hospital. Ali also managed to wake up his neighbors who left their apartments.
I just got inside and opened the door, when the firefighters arrived followed by an ambulance and rescuers. I helped take the woman to a hospital,” said Ali.
The Kazakh man did not tell his family that he suffered burns in the fire. He even refused medical care, but the neighbors took him to the hospital and paid for the treatment.

Ali is from Turkistan. He will come back home soon. Grateful neighbors do not want to let him go and even wrote a letter addressed to the President of South Korea with a request to award the hero.
Ali was supposed to return to his homeland in May. He managed to extend his stay in South Korea, because articles about Ali’s feat and my letter addressed to the President were submitted to the Ministry of Justice. It is unknown yet for how long the stay will be extended. I would like him to get not only a visa, but also a permanent right to stay and work here,” said Ali’s neighbor Jang Seon-ok.
Ali arrived in South Korea with his wife who had to return to Kazakhstan because of pregnancy. Now the wife, a six-year-old son and one-year-old daughter are waiting for him in Turkistan.