Kazakh Muslims can make Ramadan donations via mobile apps

Kazakh Muslims can make Ramadan donations via mobile apps

The holy month of Ramadan will begin on April 24 in Kazakhstan. This year, Muslims who plan to observe fasting have many questions due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures imposed in the country. At a briefing, head of Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan Nauryzbai Kazhy Taganuly said that fasters can use antiseptics.

Using antiseptics and alcohol to prevent coronavirus will not affect the fasting. This is not a simple situation, but the state of emergency. Such mode is favoring the use of certain things to protect health,” he commented.

The Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan added that this year people in Kazakhstan can make donations, which are also called as “pitir-sadaka” in Kazakh and amount to 370 tenge (US$0.86), via mobile apps of their banks. The banks will load accounts of central mosques of each region and major cities in Kazakhstan.

Alms are calculated at the average market price of flour in the country. Well-off people should donate at the cost of raisins or date fruits.


Photo: m.ru.sputniknews.kz