Challenge dedicated to Victory Day launches in Kazakhstan

Challenge dedicated to Victory Day launches in Kazakhstan

Kazakh citizens were offered to tell about their relatives who took part in the World War II and post videos on social media. Everyone can take part in this challenge.

 “You can tell not only about those who fought at the forefront, but those who fought on the home front. You can just express gratitude to your ancestors that we can live and work today. Everyone can post their stories, shooting a video on their phones and posting it on social media,” said chairperson of Atamnyn Amanaty public association Murat Moldagaliyev.

Representatives of the Atamnyn Amanaty (Grandfather’s contribution) public association initiated the project. They are searching for people who went missing during the war and memorialize them. Volunteers are using archive of the frontline soldiers who were imprisoned in Germany. This file cabinet has about 40,000 names.

Features of the archive is that documents on the prisoners of the war contain even fingerprints in addition to height, weight and photographs. All these details greatly facilitate the work of the search teams.

Over 1,000 people in Kazakhstan sought the assistance of the social activists in less than a year. Over 200 soldiers were found.