UN urges men to help women with household work amidst COVID-19 pandemic

UN urges men to help women with household work amidst COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting people around the world, but it is having an outsize effect on women. Females are facing a double burden during the lockdown because they are simultaneously combining the remote work and taking care of the home. Moreover, now, they have kids at home, who switched to distance learning. Thus, a woman does laundry, house cleaning, cooking, playing with kids and it’s not even the full list of her responsibilities. Therefore, the United Nations calls on men to put an end to such injustice. As part of the social mobilization campaign called ‘HeforShe at Home’, the organization calls on men and boys to take over some household chores. 

I have five children. The youngest is just 7 months old. My husband is working from home as well, he is teaching at an online school. He helps me whenever he has a free time. We try to do everything together. He is the one who drives to the grocery store in our family. He doesn’t let us outside, because he thinks it is dangerous. He helps me with the household chores. Whenever he has a spare time, he spends time with our children. The quarantine taught us a lot. I wish all families the same unity, patience and harmony,” said Ainur Bulakbai, a blogger.

Many men in Kazakhstan didn’t wait for any advice from the international organizations to start assisting their wives, moms or sisters with the housekeeping chores. Obviously, not all of them put on their aprons and rushed to the kitchen to cook meals, however many of them are taking care of children and help them with the distance learning.

My wife is a teacher. She is working online nonstop from dusk till dawn. While she is working, I spend time with our two children. I would like to wish all the parents patience during the quarantine. I hope it will end soon. Please, keep helping each other,” said resident of Nur-Sultan Zhanibek Askar.

Our team asked our colleagues on how their spouses help them during the COVID-19 quarantine.

We were faced with the distance learning during the quarantine. I think if a father helps his children with school tasks, it is already a huge help. Even though he doesn’t do the housework, he spends time with our children and helps them with the distance learning,” said reporter Gulzhazira Berikkyzy. 

“Of course, he helps me. My husband makes sure our youngest son does sports exercises when I do the housework. He also helps our daughter with homework. He is the one in our family who goes to the grocery store,” said Venera Salikova, a mother of many children.

I’ve started to work remotely since the beginning of quarantine. I have a lot of tasks to do and sometimes I don’t have enough time to complete them all. My husband takes care of our children and even cooks sometimes,” said Assel Zhurumbayeva, an SMM specialist and a mother of three children. 


Photo: knews.by