Kazakh art communities support doctors in fight against COVID-19

Kazakh art communities support doctors in fight against COVID-19

Kazakh citizens express huge gratitude to doctors at the forefront fighting against coronavirus. A creative community in Nur-Sultan dedicated a mural to them. The huge picture of doctors fighting against the deadly virus will appear on the façade of one of the apartment complexes located at Saryarka – Dzhangildin streets.

 “We see how creative workers actively respond to what is happening now by holding online concerts and helping volunteers. People get together to support each other. As artists, we would like to express our gratitude to those at the forefront fighting against coronavirus and join “Biz Birgemiz!” (We are together!) campaign. The main message of the mural is the gratitude to our doctors. Thank you, all our hearts go out to you. Every member of medical staff is a hero now. The big creative group of the “Biz Birgemiz!” campaign is working on the project,” said member of the capital’s creative community Kristina Bekmurzayeva.

Meanwhile, the Seifullin Karagandy Regional Kazakh Drama Theater shot a video clip in gratitude to medical staff. The video consists of excerpts from “Fariza and Mukagali” play by Rakhymzhan Otarbayev. The clip is available on the theater’s YouTube channel.

 “I chose excerpts with doctors from the play myself. A nurse says “Please, don’t go outside, you have not fully recovered yet” to Mukagali, which is what authorities and doctors urge the people to do these days. The entire world is fighting against the invisible enemy, so we have to be careful,” commented Dariga Zhunusova, spokesperson for music department.

The Symphony Orchestra artists of the State Philharmonic of Nur-Sultan recorded a song to support and thank doctors as well.

Kazakh musicians performed the famous “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen with colleagues from South Korea, India, the Netherlands, France, Ukraine, China, Italy and Kyrgyzstan. They played the famous melody on the violin, cello, piano, oboe, flute, bassoon, the French horn, double bass and other instruments. Each of the players recorded their part on camera and then all the videos were combined into one clip.



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