High school graduation exam can be held online in Kazakhstan

High school graduation exam can be held online in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov said that the high school graduation examination can be held online in case if coronavirus will continue to spread across Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, school students can also take free sample testing on 24 educational websites with the updated test base to prepare properly.

 “I’m preparing to the high school graduation exam. Lessons are held online which is not that easy. Teachers give us tests to prepare. I also take additional online testing,” said senior student Kamila Mamirova.

 “Senior students are being prepared online for high school graduation exam in mathematics via Bilimland.kz, Itest.kz, WhatsApp. We give tests to our students, help in theoretical part, send videos from YouTube channel and get feedback. Preparation is at the appropriate level. Individual work on complex issues is carried out as well,” commented Saltanat Kurmanova, math teacher in #69 gymnasium of Nur-Sultan.

This year, the high school graduation exam will be held from June 20 to July

5. Applications for the testing are received online due to the state of emergency.


Photo: inbusiness.kz