COVID-19 pandemic changing wedding fashion

COVID-19 pandemic changing wedding fashion

Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, life goes on. Many couples still want to get married and have the wedding even during the global quarantine. Although they had to postpone their big plans of gathering all their family and friends and having a huge wedding party, the lovers have an option of holding an online wedding ceremony instead. That’s exactly what many newlyweds around the world did. In addition, they became the trendsetters of the new fashion trends in the wedding industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, in Palestine, brides apply nail polish on the top of the protective medical gloves and wear the engagement rings over the gloves as well.

In Indonesia, the newlyweds go through the disinfection procedures prior to the start of a wedding ceremony.



The wedding couple in Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to do some DIY and decorate their medical protective face masks. 


The protective medical mask turned from personal protection tool to the main accessory of the bridal look amid the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the fashion designers around the world started making the wedding face masks to follow the trend. The designers try to outdo each other, as there is a huge area for creativity. Masks are being embroidered with sequins and lace or encrusted with pearls.


Fashion designers say that despite all the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the couples deserve to have a beautiful wedding day.