Over 2,000 people in Kazakhstan run online marathon

Over 2,000 people in Kazakhstan run online marathon
In Kazakhstan, all marathons were cancelled before the declaration of the state of emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic.
However, people with healthy lifestyles found a way to hold a race “YE'S! FUN RUN”. It is the first online marathon in Kazakhstan with 2,100 participants including not only Kazakhs, but also Russians and Americans.

The marathon took place indoors. The participants ran from three to ten kilometers at home online live streaming. Famous sportsmen such as Marat Zhylanbayev, Rinat Mustafin, Yerzhan Zhaparov and others were the first ones. They shared their experience and achievements with the participants. The broadcast lasted two hours.

The marathon’s theme was “YE’S! We are together!” Thus, the event organizers wanted to support medical staff, police officers, public service workers, all those who works hard fighting coronavirus.
Photo: yes-run.kz