Kazakh cosmonauts celebrate World Cosmonautics Day online

Kazakh cosmonauts celebrate World Cosmonautics Day online
The world celebrates the Cosmonautics Day on April 12 every year. This time Kazakh citizens congratulated heroes online, while TV channels broadcasted documentaries about conquering interstellar space. Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev congratulated cosmonauts on his twitter account.

 “Today is a wonderful holiday – the Cosmonautics Day! Kazakhstan’s contribution to the development of world cosmonautics is obvious. Baikonur is a symbol of human exploration of the outer space. We are proud of the Kazakh astronauts!” tweeted President Tokayev on Sunday.

This is a special day for every Kazakh citizen, since the history of space exploration has begun in Kazakhstan. The first artificial Earth satellite, rockets with the first animals and the first cosmonaut were launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The Vostok-1 spacecraft with Yuri Gagarin on board was launched on April 12, 1961, the day now known as the International Day of Human Space Flight.

This is a professional holiday for all those who left the Earth atmosphere. Kazakh astronauts congratulated each other with the holiday online this year. Though the pandemic isolated people in their homes, the astronauts didn’t lose positive spirits, they got used to long isolation. The heroes work for years in extreme space conditions away from earthly society. National hero of Kazakhstan Talgat Musabayev said that he usually celebrated this day with friends.

 “With friends, brothers, with those we were in space together, with those we created Kazakh space industry. Today, unfortunately, we could not gather and raises our glasses,” said the astronaut.

The cosmonaut told how they lived in a confined space, in isolation from the whole society, from relatives and friends. He gave advice to compatriots not to get upset because of coronavirus pandemic.
Many today are forced to be in a confined space. Don’t get upset. It is better to work, even at home and, first of all, on yourself,” he said.

Talgat Musabayev celebrated the holiday online with his friends.

We congratulated each other online. Remembered our affairs and got tuned for new ones. Life in self-isolation can be compared to space conditions, where you are able to watch the planet only through an illuminator,” said Musabayev.
Photo: np.kz