Watch out! Mom is working!

Watch out! Mom is working!

Someone likes working from home, while others see their hair turning gray and eye twitching. Mothers across Kazakhstan became like Shiva with many hands, balancing between cooking, parenting and online working.

For example, an employee of public service center in Almaty keeps working on the phone from home. The mother of three little girls works as a hotline operator with a tight schedule, not having time to pay attention to her daughters. Therefore, her husband decided to make a fence of a banner that states not to disturb their mom from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

 “We made this banner with my eldest daughter because my wife couldn’t do her job. No one bothers her now, she works calmly, while I watch our little girls,” said Almas Temirbayev, husband of Almagul Kabiltayeva.

Almagul Kabiltayeva is lucky, as her husband helps her during the quarantine. He took on all the responsibilities of the house and even does homework with the eldest daughter.

Kazakh TV information department editor Assel Kushengaliyeva, who is also a mother of two children, is not that lucky. Her husband works from morning until late in the evening, so she has to do all by herself. Children are too young to read yet, so the banner won’t work.

 “Of course, it’s not easy, but I handle it. I tried to organize my time so that the children are always busy. I prepare games for them in advance and download cartoons. I give at least 10 minutes to complete tasks that teachers send from kindergarten. I have to cook till late at night for both lunch and dinner though. The most productive time for work is a quiet hour for kids,” said Kushengaliyeva.

In practice, Assel has to edit some of the texts with her children.

No one can to disturb Assel when she does difficult tasks.

Meanwhile, mothers and fathers across the world joke around this part of quarantine life on social media. Many people may see themselves in the memes below.

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