Kazakh citizens making their contribution to the nationwide fight against COVID-19

Kazakh citizens making their contribution to the nationwide fight against COVID-19

Kazakh citizens are doing what they can to contribute to the fight against coronavirus in the country. Thus, businesspeople from Karagandy have provided the sanitary workers and volunteers with vehicles during quarantine. Another company from the region has already provided the disinfectants to sterilize and clean those vehicles. 

 “Volunteers will use these vehicles to deliver food and personal protective equipment to those in need. Our company covers all expenses for the maintenance of the vehicles and drivers. We believe that the decision that our company has made during the state of emergency will provide social support and bring positive results in the fight against the coronavirus,” said entrepreneur Khamit Boskumbayev.

Businesspeople of Almaty region have also decided to lend a helping hand and contribute to the societal well-being in these times of uncertainty. Thus, the restaurant owners offer free lunches for those in need and deliver bread to large families. In addition, they provide free warm meals to the employees of four medical aid posts at the entrance to Taldykorgan.

 “There are people, who work in sanitary units or who ensure public order. There are also large families, and those who are in need. Therefore we, to the extent of our capabilities, provide assistance to these people. It is not a one-time action, because we intend to continue doing this until the coronavirus crisis is over, if we have enough resources for that. That’s what the First President of Kazakhstan urged all of us to do,” said entrepreneur Dauren Talipov.

Students from Uralsk are also doing what they can in order to help the country during these challenging times. They deliver lunch boxes prepared at a university canteen to the ambulance stations and sanitary units at the checkpoints.

 “They are the people, who are working on the front line and who are the first to take a hit. These are the people, who are constantly at work. We want to show them our respect. We want them to eat and rest well. We want them to know that they are not alone and that we support them. In addition, we provide assistance to the World War II veterans attached to our university, which is 75 people,” said Vice-Rector of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University Akylbek Sultanov.

Kazakh celebrities, musicians and athletes are also trying to entertain and cheer up their compatriots during the challenging times caused by COVID-19 pandemic by launching various flash mobs on social media or giving online concerts.


Photo: ekaraganda.kz