Captain Quarantine appears on streets of Nur-Sultan

Captain Quarantine appears on streets of Nur-Sultan

A new hero of Kazakhstan’s capital is a 25-year-old man who became known a few weeks ago as Captain Quarantine. He urges citizens to stay home, takes out their trash and sprinkles passers-by hands with antiseptics.

In an interview to website, he said that in regular life he works as a taxi driver and a volunteer.

He asked not to reveal his name but said why he decided to combat COVID-19 in that way.

He said that he used to do good things before, helping old people and giving a lift for free. Many people act like there is no coronavirus and ignore basic precautionary measures. As a taxi driver, he found it difficult to draw the citizens’ attention to the gravity of what is happening. He found a way by inventing a funny hero character.

“I borrowed this homemade white jumpsuit from volunteers, attached to it a regular raincoat as a cape and tried to go outside like this. I felt the attention immediately,” said the hero.

The young man is not always acting like this. He keeps a suit in a trunk and wears it only when he sees those who violate the lockdown rules. He holds preventive discussions with these people, who, in turn, react very positively.

 “I can go into a store without the special costume. If I see that a salesperson does not use a mask, gloves and antiseptics, I go out and then appear as the Captain Quarantine. I begin to explain to the salesperson that he or she can not only catch the virus, but also transmit it to a healthy person. Usually, after that, people begin to understand the gravity of the situation.”

The man said that he will keep doing that as long as the city needs its hero.