Kazakhstan Starts Producing Disinfectant Tunnels

Kazakhstan Starts Producing Disinfectant Tunnels

One of the multisectoral enterprises in Petropavl, North Kazakhstan region, started manufacturing disinfectant tunnels.

 “We looked at the schemes on the Internet, took an Italian-Turkish cabin as a basis and made a similar project for ourselves. We believe that this is effective. A product that consists of 5 percent alcohol, 95 percent distilled water, 0.1 percent diachlor and flavors sprays under high pressure. Now we use the smell of pumpkins. It is not harmful. The disinfectant works well,” said CEO of the company Dmitriy Sharapayev.

The enterprise is ready to start mass production of the cabins if necessary.

 “We’ve already received an order of ten cabins from two enterprises in the city. We will produce them in three to four days,” the CEO added.

The company also produces antiseptics of up to 14 tons per day and sends them to other cities of Kazakhstan as well as border regions of Russia.

The enterprise produces disinfectants for roads and sidewalks as well. It has already provided 10 tons to Petropavl. The manufacturer assured that this liquid does not cause any harm to plants or animals.


Photo: tengrinews.kz