Kazakh Students Start Distance Learning

Kazakh Students Start Distance Learning
Today Kazakh school students started their final term of the academic year after the prolonged three-week spring break. Public schools in Kazakhstan have launched distance learning programs amid coronavirus spread. The first day of classes is not over yet, therefore its results will be known a bit later. However, the schoolteachers note that the first classes went successfully, despite the fact that the Kundelik distance learning platform had experienced some failures due to the heavy workload. Both teachers and parents find the video lessons rather productive.

 “I am a teacher myself, but currently on a maternity leave. My children had lessons in the Kazakh language. The lesson was well-explained and easy to understand. The only thing my children were upset about is that they didn’t have enough time to write everything down. It would be awesome if the video lesson was published online. I liked the work of the distance learning platform, but still it cannot be compared to the real in-class lesson,” said Petropavlovsk resident Assel Akhtanova.

Damir Ryskulbek, first-grader from Nur-Sultan, also shared his impressions on the online lessons he had.

 “I like the distance learning. I have enough time for everything. A lot of time is left to study other subjects. But I don’t get to see my friends, which is a huge disadvantage, and I can’t go to swimming sessions. So, I can’t wait for the quarantine to end,” Ryskulbek shared.

The country had been doing a thorough preparatory work to start the fourth term of the school year. A lot of work has been done to prepare the school students and teachers for the distance learning during quarantine.

 “We have carried out certain measures to switch to distance learning. We had to make sure that all of the teachers and students have the necessary equipment for that.  The teachers have been trained on the distance teaching method,” said Education Department of Nur-Sultan head Sholpan Kadyrova.

Lessons are held on several platforms. Zoom communication platform is used to live stream lessons. Teachers use Kundelik platform to give feedback to children and their parents. Lessons are broadcasted on El Arna and Balapan TV channels, as well as radio station Qazaq Radiosy.
Photo: pandaland.kz