Government Calls Up Reservists to Respond to Coronavirus Crisis

Government Calls Up Reservists to Respond to Coronavirus Crisis
President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev signed a decree on calling up the  reservists of Kazakhstan for special training. Kazakh Defense Minister Nurlan Yermekbayev has explained the decision at an online press briefing.
Special training should not be confused with total mobilization which implies mobilization of facilities, people and troops for war. This is not  what we are talking about here. Reserve training is carried out few times a year. Mayors have experience in conducting such drills with territorial troops. Mayors will call up the reservists with the help of defense offices, military commissariats, taking into account the health condition and marital status of the reserve personnel. We will welcome the volunteers”, Yermekbayev said.
Those who are in the military reserve registrar will be called for special drills. The list of men not liable for conscription involves civil servicemen, working in defense, security, law and order, farmers engaged in seasonal sowing and harvesting, teachers, full-time students and those with three or more children under age of 18.