Flash Mobs amid Coronavirus Lockdown Emerge Across the World

Flash Mobs amid Coronavirus Lockdown Emerge Across the World
Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the lifestyle of millions of people. Majority cities in the world are under a full lockdown and people are self-isolating in their homes.

Many people have found a way of keeping themselves entertained during isolation and organized various flash mobs on social media. The Stay At Home challenge has taken the social networks by storm amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The toilet paper challenge went viral among the famous footballers who are confined in their homes and cannot train in the regular club facilities. The football stars, including Sergio Ramos, Matthijs de Ligt, Benjamin Mendy and many others, tried to juggle a roll of toilet paper for as long and as creatively as possible.

High-profile tennis players have joined the challenge. The Russian tennis star Karen Khachanov tried his hand at the stay-at-home challenge. He attempted to juggle a toilet paper roll with a tennis racket and nominated his colleagues to take on the challenge.

In Russia, people have started using a special social media hashtag to show that they have switched to working remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of certain flash mobs have emerged across Russia to spend the quarantine productively, including general house cleaning or developing good habits. 

The #flashmobsonoro or ‘sound flash mob’ aimed at lifting people’s spirits during quarantine has emerged in Italy. Every evening around 6 p.m. people have been singing songs and playing musical instruments from their balconies.

However, not all of the flash mobs have emerged for the entertainment purposes. A lot of challenges have been launched to appreciate the health workers who work around the clock to fight against coronavirus. People in Italy took to their balconies to give the doctors a round of applause to express their gratitude for saving the lives of thousands of people. Spain and Georgia did the same.

The initiative to show appreciation for the health workers, sanitary doctors, police and military officers has been emerged in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Social media influencers urged people to clap from their balconies to show support for healthcare workers on the frontline. The one-minute clap was set to take place at 8 p.m.
Photo: championat.com