11,000 People Apply for Social Welfare amid COVID-19 Pandemic

11,000 People Apply for Social Welfare amid COVID-19 Pandemic
506 out of 11,000 people, who have applied for social welfare in Kazakhstan, have received payments worth the minimum wage of 42,500 tenge (US$95.46). Those employed by the SMEs and micro-businesses, individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees of the large businesses in the regions under strict quarantine rules are eligible to apply for the government support. In total, nearly three million Kazakh citizens will receive the social payments during the state of emergency declared in the country March 19.

Realizing all the severity of the current situation, I have decided on further measures to support our fellow countrymen and the business sector. I am instructing the government to expand the categories of citizens eligible to receive the social welfare payments in the amount of one minimum wage,” President Tokayev said in televised address.

The application to receive the financial compensation can be submitted though the electronic government web portal at www.egov.kz. The applications are  reviewed within three business days.
Photo: kstnews.kz