Kazakh Nationals Stuck in India after Borders Close

Kazakh Nationals Stuck in India after Borders Close

More than 70 Kazakh nationals cannot return home from India. The Kazakh tourists had organized their trip by themselves, without the help of travel agencies. They missed the special repatriation flight, organized by the Kazakh government. Now, when the Indian authorities have announced about the closure of borders, the Kazakh travelers are now looking for ways to fly out of India.

After we received an SMS notification, we had less than 12 hours to pack and go to the airport in Delhi. It was literally impossible to make,” one of the tourists, Nadezhda Brown from Kostanai shared.

Kazakh diplomats in India suggested them a Goa-Shymkent flight as an option. If there are 100 people for the flight, the ticket price will be US$700 per passenger. However, there are many people who have travelled to India with their families and cannot afford the flight back.

Currently, there is a bad attitude towards foreign tourists in India. We’ve been noticing it even going to a grocery store. They believe that there is a shortage of products in the country and here we are - the tourists, who need to eat, too. That’s why the way they treat the tourists is getting worse and worse every day,” Nadezhda Brown added.

Indian nationals perceive the foreign tourists as potential coronavirus carriers. Therefore, they treat all of the foreign travelers with a great caution. Kazakh nationals are worried about their health too, but returning to their home country is a current priority for them.


Photo: kokshetau.asia