Schools in Kazakhstan Switch to Online Learning

Schools in Kazakhstan Switch to Online Learning

Over 1.5 billion children that is nearly 87.1 percent of all students were left with no access to school education due to coronavirus outbreak, the UNESCO reported. 165 countries closed their schools.

The spring break will be over soon in Kazakhstan. Schools are now preparing to hold online lessons, retraining the teachers, recording video lessons and developing guidelines. Teachers are holding all the necessary discussions via, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers. Students have been polled on whether they have gadgets and electronic devices to access the Internet. The Kazakh Ministry of Education with local mayoral offices will donate computers and laptops to those students, who do not have these at home.

Starting from April 6, the last semester of the academic year will be held online. 2,000 video lessons for different grades will be broadcasted on Balapan and El Arna channels. The lessons are recorded in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Classes will last 30 minutes. and will also have these video sessions available online.

The Kazakh Ministry of Education has already developed and published instructions for working with these platforms and other tools that will allow receiving high-quality online education. The ministry reached an agreement to make the platforms free that used to be pay sites. Internet providers and mobile operators will provide unlimited free traffic for these platforms.