Important Telephone Numbers during Emergency

Important Telephone Numbers during Emergency

To help you stay informed, the Kazakh TV journalists have prepared a list of important telephone numbers available to you to receive the necessary information around the clock during this difficult time. These services are ready to advise you on all the issues regarding the cancellation of flights and lock-down in the major cities of Kazakhstan amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

1406 – call this hotline number if you want to learn about the measures one must take in case of you or your family members display symptoms of the infection. Here you will be advised on where you can go for testing and what the current coronavirus situation in the country is.

Qoldau 24/7 is a mobile application, where you can ask similar questions. Your request will be assigned a registration number, and then you will be able to check its status in your personal account.

103 – call the ambulance if you experience symptoms as headache, runny nose, chest pain, fever, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.

+7 7172-27-91-12 - if you are currently traveling abroad, call the number to receive information on how to return to Kazakhstan. The Kamkor Foundation is processing applications by tourist code, which are assigned to the travelers prior to their departure. 

+7 7172-64-58-41-  call this number to receive information about flight cancelations, delays and limited regular flights.

+7 727-254-40-07 – this is the Almaty Police call center, where you can ask your questions regarding the quarantine in Almaty effective tonight.