Kazakh TV Presents New Television Season

The new spring television season has started on Kazakh TV. By tradition, the TV programs will be full of surprises, unsolved mysteries and incredible discoveries. The channel will air a wide array of unique culture, history, and travel shows and documentary projects. Some of the programs will be dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly, 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi and the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Second World War. Programs like ‘Dala sozi’, ‘Reflection on History’, ‘Our Victory’ and ‘Otandastar’ will be the highlight of the season.

«In ‘Dala Sozi’, famous Kazakh actors, singers and performers will read the poems of Abai Kunanbaiuly. In our series of the historical show ‘Reflection on History’, we will reflect on the life of Abai, discover interesting facts, read his letters, and explore his influence on the formation of Kazakh intelligentsia. ‘Otandastar’ is a project about the Kazakh people, who have returned to their historical homeland. How do they live in Kazakhstan? What do they do? What have they achieved? ‘Our Common Victory’ is a project that also deserves the viewer’s attention. The programs will feature vivid memories of the war veterans,» said Director of Kazakh TV, Maya Bekbayeva.