Rakhman Alshanov’s unique book was presented in Kazakh capital

Rakhman Alshanov was presented in the Kazakh capital. The book included results of the long-term research of scientists and experts from many countries on the mystery of the heavy meteoroid attacks on the Earth, which took place 20,000 years ago and led to catastrophic consequences. The book author provided significant information about cataclysms through an analysis of ancient myths and tales of various world cultures. In his work, the Kazakh scientist paid special attention to the study of ancient works such as Avesta and Enuma Elish.

 “There are many undiscovered spots in our history. America, Europe, and Russia have been studied, but there are unexplored parts of our history. Cases of natural disasters haven’t been investigated. I advise young people to conduct research. It’s important for all of us because all sorts of disasters still occur like snowstorms, earthquakes, floods, and fires. Why do they all happen? We still can’t explain the patterns behind them. However, there are two or three sensational statements I can make,”  said Professor, Rakhman Alshanov.

Photo: youtube.com