Three directions of tourism will be developed in the capital

Almost a million tourists visited Nur-Sultan last year. One-third of them were foreign travelers. In comparison with 2018, the number has increased by 14 percent. The greatest demand for tours to Nur-Sultan is observed among residents of border towns in China, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Kazakh capital has created all the conditions for the convenience of foreign guests, including the pedestrian orientation systems, sightseeing tour buses, and information centers. In addition, 15 new travel routes and special mobile applications have been developed.

“We’ve implemented the City Pass project for visiting tourists. The city pass is a tourist card, which gives privileges for entering facilities. The cardholders can use it for the entrance to nearly 128 city facilities. In addition, we have got the walking tours on ‘’ application. It is an application that works offline. ‘’ is an audio guide for tourists, which is available in nearly 30 languages.,” Head of Tourism Development Department, Mayor’s Office Of Nur-Sultan, Galymzhan Karimov

In total, this year three main tourism areas, specifically, business, urban recreational and medical, will be actively developed in Nur-Sultan. 

Seven organizations in Kazakhstan have obtained the JCA accreditation, six of them are located in Nur-Sultan. The main advantage of our medical tourism is affordable prices for tourists, as well as customer service, which is not worse than at the hospitals abroad. In addition, we also have the latest technologies.

Experts said that the tourist potential of the Kazakh capital hasn’t been fully revealed yet. However, conditions are being created. Hotels in Nur-Sultan can accommodate up to two or three million tourists per year. There are more than 8 dozens hostels in the city. The quality of service complies with European standards. Travelers have plenty of options to choose

“Full of interesting events. Not only the business events are held, but sports and cultural events are organized as well. Tourists can go to large shopping centers, various cultural centers and theaters.,” emphasized Tourist, Tleuzhan Omiruzak

Experts say that the development of these areas will allow forming the image of Nur-Sultan as a tourist destination, first, at the regional level, and then, on a global scale.