The Trails of Nomads Expedition Arrived in Surabaya

The Trails of Nomads scientific expedition arrived in the city of Surabaya in Indonesia. The army of Kublai Khan, who came to conquer Java Island in 1293, started its campaign. Consequently, the city has preserved many relics relating to Kazakhs, who joined the army of the Great Khagan.

 “More than 20,000 soldiers on more than a thousand boats came here. They were divided into two parts. One half of the army, the infantry, remained here, on the water. The other 10,000 soldiers headed to Surabaya by land. They were frightening local people about the invasion of the large army of Mongols,” emphasized Head of Trails of Nomads Expedition, Sapar Iskakov.

Kublai Khan assigned the march on Java to the Mongol Shi-Bi, Chinese Gaoxing, and Uyghur Ike Mese. They took with them several tons of products and 40,000 of silver coins. These and other ancient artifacts are still preserved in the Tuban Museum.

“The museum has several exhibits dating back to the 13th century. One of them is an anchor. It was found on this shore about a hundred years ago. The tableware, coins, and weapons were found under the water as well,” said Rogi Ferman Ferdaus, Archaeologist.