Kazakhstan prepares for expected flood

Spring is expected to arrive in Kazakhstan for two to three weeks earlier this year compared to last year. Corresponding services have been strengthened by the danger of flooding because of the warming weather.  Kazakh Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Yuri Ilyin, announced about this at a special briefing in the Parliament. He also noted that the situation is aggravated in the capital as well as in  East Kazakhstan, Karagandy, Kostanai, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions. Local executive bodies exported 8.8 million cubic meters of snow. In addition, stocks of inert materials, sandbags, and explosives are available. In the event of a flood, 1,707 evacuation stations have been prepared, routes have been upgraded and the necessary transport has been allocated. The Deputy Minister also mentioned a list of precautions and necessary measures in case of an emergency.


 - The forecast is compiled based on the data on February 1st. Based on this forecast, we determined the narrowest site that can be a threat to the population. In more than 600 settlements, there is a high risk of emergency due to the spring flood period. A more detailed forecast from Kazhydromet will be given by my colleagues on March 1st. We will further work on possible options if the emergency happens in the areas with a lot of snow. We always inform the public about current situations. We recommend our citizens in the endangered areas to take their important documents and valuables in case of the emergency and evacuation.

Photo: inbusiness.kz