Legacy of Great Abai Studied in the Netherlands

Legacy of the great Abai is being studied in the Netherlands. Zifa-Alua, granddaughter of the Kazakh poet Mukhtar Auezov, and her husband, Dutch scientist, Arabist and Turkologist, Robert Ermers, dedicated several years to study the works of Abai Kunanbaiuly. Currently, the scientists are working on the translation of the Words of Edification into English and Dutch languages.

“There are many advice and lessons in Abai’s masterpieces for us and future generations. The most important thing is that he showcased all of the beauty of the Kazakh language. The language of his works is so rich that it seems for me that it is necessary to study Kazakh only to fully understand it,” said Turkologist, Arabist, Ph.D. in Linguistics, Robert Ermers.

Nathan Visser can perform songs in Kazakh. He lived in Kazakhstan for 10 years and learned the language. In the Kazakh village, he was able to learn a lot about the culture and traditions of the country. Today he is trying to understand the philosophy of the meaning of the immortal works of Abai in the Kazakh language.

“Based on my understanding, in Dutch, this word means that if you believe in Allah and use all your capabilities and talents, you can make the stone soft. In order to understand his works thoroughly, I need to read them both in Dutch and Kazakh,” said Occupational Therapist, Nathan Visser.

In Kazakhstan, Nathan Visser also met his wife, Evelyn who is a volunteer from the Netherlands. They wed in Kazakhstan and their three children were named with Kazakh names, Berik, Ayana and Saule. Nathan and Evelyn dreamed of showing their children the country where they started a family when their children grow up.

Photо: Хабар 24