Al-Farabi and Modern Kazakh Philosophy Forum Hosted in Nur-Sultan

There are three stages to Al-Farabi’s teaching, said scientist Sultan Zhaiyk Isaevich at the recent Al-Farabi and Modern Kazakh Philosophy forum. According to the scholar, the stages include family education which is the most important, followed by nation-wide education and global education.

The event, dedicated to the 1,150th anniversary of the great philosopher Al-Farabi, was attended by scientists, students and graduates from Karagandy, Pavlodar, Oral, Aktobe, Aktau, and Kyzylorda. Each of the attendees talked about the well-rounded personality of Al-Farabi as well as his contribution to the youth.

“In his ‘Treatise on the Views of the Residents of the Virtuous City’ book, Al-Farabi mentioned topics that are common to mankind which is still relevant in today’s world. Relationships of people in general, humanity and respect were discussed in this work. This serves as a guide for our future generations,” said Project Director, Sultan Zhaiyk.