Complete Map of Orkhon Monuments Presented in Capital

Ancient Turkic runic inscriptions, its origin, story and secrets spanning the millennia are compiled in a book, the Complete Map of Orkhon Monuments. The book presented in Nur-Sultan is a result of research works of Kazakh professor, Karzhaubai Sartkozha.

The three volume publication has become real historical and cultural treasury of ancient turks. They included previously unknown facts of development of Turkic civilization in over 2,000 years. The author said that such research has been conducted by experts for more than a century. For the first time in history of Turkology, the full translation of runic inscriptions was presented.

“Founder of Turkology, Radlov, published books about four big monuments without transcription, but with drawings. We have become the first to accomplish it. Peculiarity of the book is a detailed description of the place of the monuments. No scientist has ever given such information. We have made it possible after 120 years,” said book author, Karzhaubai Sartkozha.