Collection of Abai’s Poems was Presented to Kazakh Capital

The book of Orynbai Zhanaidarov was presented to the capital’s public for the first time. It included hundreds of poetic works of Abai Kunanbaiuly, which the author translated into Russian. The Honored Cultural Figure said that he dedicated his 40 years to studying Abai’s creativity. Before translating the works of the great philosopher, he had been improving his skills for many years. Orynbai Zhanaidarov translated a lot of original works of poets of the 15th-18th centuries.

“The book is close to the original because I speak both languages. I translated from the first poem to the last one. A complete collection of Abai’s poems that we have now is a publication of 1961 prepared by Mukhtar Omarkhanuly Auezov. I was translating two or three poems per year,” said Book Author, Orynbai Zhanaidarov.

The book became the 60th work of Orynbai Zhanaidarov. He also authored popular publications about ancient Turkic mythology, poetry and ancient history of Kazakhstan.