Space-Based Monitoring to Solve Sectoral Problems of Kazakhstan

Space-Based Monitoring to Solve Sectoral Problems of Kazakhstan

The space system of the Earth Remote Sensing is ready to solve the sectoral problems of Kazakhstan this year. The number of the tasks involves monitoring of border sections, analysis of arable and unused land, as well as surveillance of illegal logging, natural disaster forecast and assessment of forest-steppe fires. Based on the space data, digital farmland vector cards were created last year. The area of digitalized lands amounted to more than 33 million hectares.

“First of all, our space system of the Earth Remote Sensing takes an active part in digital transformation. The system consists of three satellites. The first KazEOSat-1 or Kazakhstan Earth Observation Satellite has a high resolution of one meter, the second KazEOSat-2 has a medium resolution of 6.5 meters and the third KazSTSat or Kazakhstan Scientific and Technological Satellite have 18 meters resolution. We solved 35 sectoral issues in 2019. First of all, the system is used for the monitoring of unused lands, because the lands with a cadastral value of nearly 145 billion Tenge were returned to the land economy,” said Chairperson of Aerospace Committee of Ministry of Defense and Aerospace, Baubek Oralmagambetov.

Experts said that research on the disposal of domestic and industrial waste is also carried out annually using highly detailed satellite information obtained by space photographs.

“We provide not only just space photographs but also processed analyses. In terms of municipal solid waste, we found more than 9,000 of the spontaneous dump by monitoring 17 cities. This allows the inspectors on-site to quickly take measures,” Oralmagambetov said.