Pilot Project on Regulation of Chemicals Launched in Kazakhstan

The system of rational regulation of chemicals will be established in Kazakhstan. For this purpose, the United Nations Development Program has launched a project, Chemical Regulation and Capacity Building in the country.

The project, launched in 2019, will focus on three areas. The first is to train ministers, vice-ministers and industry leaders based on international best practices. The second area is to promote the recycling and disposal of chemical waste which was considered in the Environmental Code of Kazakhstan discussed in Parliament.

Platforms for using the latest technology in handling chemicals will be discussed as well. The project developers said that the program worth US$300,000 will be implemented in Kazakhstan for two years.

“Chemicals in Kazakhstan are used locally and literally everywhere. The chemicals are used in plastic, metallurgy, oil, and gas and in other industries as well. At the same time, it is also used in medicine and in medical schools, including x-rays. There is a need to know how to manage these chemicals and what to do with them in the future. Therefore, we are launching the project together with three ministries at once. This is the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Ecology, Natural Resources and Geology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also supported us. The final goal of this project is sustainable development. This will result in a healthy population,” said Head of Sustainable Development Department of UNDP in Kazakhstan, Arman Kashkinbekov.

Photo: ehonews.kz