State Benefits for Large Families

A new bill involving the increase of state benefits for families with 8 or more children in Kazakhstan is planned to be introduced, said Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Birzhan Nurymbetov at a ministerial meeting. Families with seven children will receive a fixed total amount of allowance of about 75,000 Tenge from the state.

Meanwhile, the largest family in Kazakhstan with 15 children will receive up to 160,000 Tenge of the state benefits. The Minister said that the new bill is being approved. The benefits will be accrued under the new standards from January 1st regardless of how soon the amendments are adopted.

We decided to adjust and differentiate the number of state benefits. Now families with 8 children will receive 85,000 Tenge instead of 74,000 Tenge, with 9 children - 96,000 Tenge and with 10 children – 106,000 Tenge. Families with 15 children can receive 159,000 Tenge. We will continue to add 10,600 Tenge for each child. We believe that this is important. In regions, mothers who have 11 to 12 children are still receiving the number of state benefits for 7 children,” said Kazakh Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Birzhan Nurymbetov.