Kazakhstan Adopts International Experience in Volunteering Development

Kazakhstan Adopts International Experience in Volunteering Development

Volunteering in Kazakhstan is taught in the university. A new class, Serving the Society, was introduced in Aktau State University. Since last year, about 1500 students were trained in this area and they have developed their own social projects. The students took part in many events such as The Future Without Barriers, From Heart to Heart and Happy Childhood.

“The Center for Public Activities was opened for the first time at the university in order to promote ideas of kindness in society, support citizens' initiatives and popularize moral values in Kazakhstan. The center functions in four areas. The first is social, the second is environmental and the third one is sports and medical, and the fourth is ethno cultural. The last area started functioning this year,” said Coordinator of Center for Public Activities, Mirzhakyp Bagdatuly.

The Ministry of Education and Science in Kazakhstan has supported the initiative of the Aktau University by offering to introduce the center in all of the universities in the country.

“We started this project based on international experience. Stanford University and several universities in Hong Kong train students in this area. They called it Service to the Community. We have exchanged experiences and introduced this subject as well,” said Rector of Caspian University of Technologies and Engineering, Berik Akhmetov.

Photo: turaninform.kz