Trails of Nomads Expedition is Heading to Southeast Asia

"Trails of Nomads" expedition is heading to Southeast Asia this year. The most popular expedition led by a traveler, Sapar Iskakov is being continued. The next destination is Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar. During the two-week trip, Sapar and his team will be studying the trails of Nomads left in Southeast Asia. The research project began in 2016. The expedition leader said at a briefing in Kazakh capital that the project will last until 2023. They are planning to visit more than 50 other countries in the next three years.

“We have been to 49 countries. In many countries, we saw the trails of our ancestors. All of our trips are broadcasted on television. Our next destination is the Southeast Asia countries. There are also artifacts proving that our ancestors were there, such as the traces of hooves of their horses. There are many artifacts that prove this theory. We will be making a documentary program of our expedition as it is important to showcase our findings to the public,” said Traveler of Author of Trails of Nomads Expedition, Sapar Iskakov.

The Trails of Nomads research project has so far released more than 65 documentaries on Kazakh TV over four years of the expedition. By 2023, an additional 150 documentaries about the expedition will be aired on the TV channel.

“I became part of the Trails of Nomads expedition since 2018. We have visited many countries within this period. Next week, we are going on a two-week trip where we will be collecting various research materials. The materials collected during the trip will be covered on the news programs of Khabar 24 and Kazakh TV. However, the main documentary which will include comments from different historians will be released later,” said Correspondent of Khabar 24 Channel, Talgatbek Abdikozhayev.