17,000 Hectares to be Allocated for Saxaul Trees in Kazakhstan

Environmentalists in Kazakhstan plan to sow seedlings of black saxaul on 17,000 hectares of the dried bottom of the Aral Sea. They plan to attract finances for the implementation of the plan. The financial support can be provided by the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization. Kazakhstan is a member of AFoCO.

“Kazakhstan has applied for the AFoCo, the association of the Pacific countries. The organization allocates money for tree planting. They have two projects and one of them is about the Aral Sea. Our application can be considered and we can receive another two million,” said Head of Kazakh Biodiversity Conservation Fund, Assylkhan Assylbekov.

Scientists plan to focus on the regeneration of existing areas of saxaul trees. For this purpose, Kazakh scientists have developed innovative technologies, which will significantly increase the growth rate of saxaul.

“The Institute of Botany and the Institute of Soil Science in Kazakhstan are developing fertilizers which accelerate the growth of not only saxaul trees, but also other trees. The trees can grow bigger by one and a half times. The seeding survival can increase as well. This is still an experiment,” Assylbekov said.

To date, saxaul seedlings in Kazakhstan are planted based on recommendations of the Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry in Schuchinsk.

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