Development of Abai Studies

Kaiym Mukhamedkhanov founded the School of Abai studies. He made the Abai studies a fundamental science. He initiated the opening of the Abai Museum in Semei. The round table dedicated to the research activities of Kaiym Mukhamedkhanov was held in the Kazakh capital. His work on the typology of Abai’s works is considered as the most sophisticated. Scientists said that there are no similar research works in Kazakh literature. They also said that his father made a great contribution to the formation of Kaiym Mukhamedkhanov as a scientist.

“The books collected and kept by Kaiym’s father in his library, as well as newspaper articles collected by his father, were very important to Kaiym’s work on Abai studies. Kaiym Mukhamedkhanov was the first director of the Abai Museum in Semei. He collected all the materials and exhibits during the war in the 1940s and even after the war and he also conducted many kinds of research on Abai. He is remembered as the founder and director of the Abai Museum,” said Ph.D. of Eurasian National University, Zangar Karimkhan.