AI to Monitor Students During High School Graduation Exam

Artificial intelligence will be used to monitor students during their high school graduation examination in Kazakhstan. AI developers said that the system can identify the usage of smartphones and cheat sheets during the exam and it can also recognize substitute test-taker.

The Ministry of Education and Science plans to introduce the AI pilot project this year. Kazakhstan will complete its transition to the digital monitoring system in 2021. Students will begin taking tests in electronic format instead of the existing paper format.

“The model of One Test Taker – One Camera in the computer-based test has been introduced. This reduces the expenses of business trips of the examiners and ensures complete monitoring of each student during an examination. We have a huge amount of video data on how students took the exam. We can use the data for proof in controversial cases,” said Acting Director of National Testing Center, Didar Smagulov.

The high school graduation exam in 169 centers in Kazakhstan will be live-streamed this year. A total of 115,000 students will undertake the exam in 2020.