Competitions of Golden Eagles’ Tamers Held in Abai’s Homeland

Republican competitions of tamers of golden eagles were dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai. The traditional competition took place in the homeland of the great poet in the East Kazakhstan region. Nearly 60 hunters from the country’s 13 regions gathered at the championship, including an 11-year-old resident of Nur-Sultan, Yerasyl Serikbekuly. The skills of taming eagles were passed down to him from his grandfather and father.

According to the contestant, Yerasyl Serikbekuly, he was 7 or 8, when he started taming the hunting birds. His first bird was a saker falcon. When he grew up, he began taming bigger birds.

During the competition, various skills were assessed, including techniques of summoning a bird, dexterity and the speed of hunting for a rabbit and a fox. The last test which is hunting for a wolf was the most spectacular. Only the best birds can cope with this task.

“My golden eagle’s name is Aigaitas. It is four years old. The bird took part in several competitions. It won in this competition as well. We gain skills in training birds from the older generation. Many people are passionate about breeding and training predatory birds at the moment,” said Winner of Competition, Yermukhan Baiyetbai.

Governor of Abai District of East Kazakhstan Region, Zharkynbek Baisabyrov said that nearly 560 events are planned for the anniversary of Abai in the region. 118 events will take place in the homeland of the poet. Therefore, we think that such competitions are quite educational for the younger generation. The event that we are holding as part of the Seven Facets of the Great Steppe article is necessary in order to preserve these traditions.