Al-Farabi Research Center Opened in Almaty

A Research Center to the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi has been opened in the National Library in Almaty. More than 4,000 treatises of the outstanding philosopher and research work about him were collected in the center. People will be able to learn about translations of Al-Farabi’s works, find materials about his life and creativity.

It will be possible to explore the developments of Kazakh and foreign historians as well as electronic publications and articles. The anniversary will be marked not only in Kazakhstan. Exhibitions will also take place in Dublin and Saint Petersburg.

“There are no original works of Al-Farabi in the National Library. We conduct a tremendous work on searching his works. We organize expeditions in other countries and carry out research works. We digitally transform his treatises that we found. We hope that other works of the philosopher will be kept in our fund,” said Director of National Library of Kazakhstan, Bakytzhamal Ospanova.

“He was willing to gain knowledge. He went to Mesopotamia and Baghdad which were the centers of the science of that time. He wrote works both in Arabic and Greek in 1757. He left behind a truly valuable legacy,” said Director of Suleimenov Oriental Studies Institute, Absattar Derbisali.