Youngest Member of Presidential Youth Staff Reserve Takes Senior Position in Capital’s Mayor’s Office

Anuar Bizhan graduated from high school at the age of 14. When he turned 18, he earned a university degree. Now he is 24 and is the youngest member in the Presidential Youth Staff Reserve. He has taken a job in the Mayor’s office in Nur-Sultan, where he plans to implement digital projects in public service. Anuar believes that the projects will contribute to the rapprochement between local authorities and the people.

“According to the concept of the Head of State, there is an idea and a vision on facilitation of the dialogue between Mayors’ offices and citizens of many cities and villages. We also have the idea of transforming citizens’ issues, comments and suggestions into electronic format and collect this database. Monitoring this in real-time is working with big data. There is an eGov website that offers a lot of functions. It is possible to integrate all these things based on eGov with its entire database. It is also possible to create such a platform where citizens could give feedback in real-time,” said Head of Asset Management and Public Procurement of Nur-Sultan Mayor’s Office, Anuar Bizhan.