8 Citizens of Kazakhstan Evacuated from Wuhan

8 Citizens of Kazakhstan Evacuated from Wuhan

Eight citizens of Kazakhstan have been evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Special boats which belonged to Russia and Uzbekistan brought the people to Tashkent and Tyumen, where they will be under medical supervision for about two weeks.

According to the press service of the foreign ministry, all of the evacuees were thoroughly examined before boarding the boats. There are no reports on the signs and symptoms of the virus at the moment. Kazakhstan had evacuated 83 of its citizens from Wuhan. Following the examination of health conditions of the people, they were placed in quarantine for 14 days at an anti-infection building in a multi-disciplinary hospital that is specially allocated for quarantine purposes, 17 kilometers away from the capital city.

The Government announced that Kazakhstan is fully prepared to combat the coronavirus. More than 3.5 billion Tenge was allocated from the state reserve for face masks, thermal imagers and medicines. The country has also taken organizational measures to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

For example, Kazakhstan has cancelled a visa-free policy for transit passengers from China. The work of the Kazakh part of the Khorgos International Center for Cross-Border Cooperation was also suspended.

Photо: elorda.info