Abai’s Works Translated into Farsi

Poems of Abai Kunanbaiuly have been translated into Farsi. Gaukhar Omarkhanova has actively introduced the works of the great poet to the Iranian people for 10 years. She said that the main thing in her work is to choose the right translation for Abai’s poems while the rest is done by the master himself whose works can win the hearts and minds of the readers. At the same time, it is important to preserve the originality of his works with regard to the meaning and the literary techniques as well.

“Abai Kunanbaiuly is one of the greatest representatives of the Kazakh nation, and we are happy and proud to represent our country through his works. That is why I really love his poems and prose. I have collected all his books in different languages that I could find in Iran,” said translator, Gaukhar Omarkhanova.

Most of the book fairs in Tehran showcase Abai’s works due to Gaukhar’s efforts. She made a huge contribution to promoting the Kazakh culture and literature in the Middle East. In addition, the Iranians can also learn about Kazakh traditions on TV or radio news as she works in a local media company in the country. In the near future, she hopes to make Abai’s personal library more accessible to the local residents.

“The Path of Abai is translated into Persian language and Russian and of course it is preserved in the original Kazakh language. The poems are also translated into Persian and English,” Omarkhanova said.

Gaukhar not only translates the works of Abai into Farsi but she also translates them into Russian and English.

Photо: spectr.com.kz