Joint Projects of Caspian Littoral States in Hydrometeorology

Caspian littoral states are expanding cooperation in the area of hydrometeorology. The cooperation between the states in the area will allow the exchange of accurate and long-term forecasts of changes in water levels, which will be used to ensure the safety of navigation and other shipping operations in the world’s largest closed reservoir.

Experts said that the agreement that was signed between the five Caspian littoral states more than five years ago opens up new opportunities not only for the exchange of information but also for the cooperation in other areas of hydrometeorology, such as seawater quality, observations on weather and climate forecasts.

Within the period, the states have implemented a number of joint projects that are aimed at the protection and preservation of the biodiversity of the Caspian Sea.

“Within the framework of the Caspian Coordination Committee, we publish unique catalogs of hydrometeorological parameters. In particular, we created the main catalog of the Caspian Sea level. This is the first time that a data catalog of water surface temperature, air temperature, salinity and water inflow into the Caspian Sea was created. By using these data, we can analyze the hydrometeorology level at the Caspian Sea and give warnings on dangerous weather conditions,” said Head of Caspian Sea Hydrometeorological Research of Kazhydromet, Natalya Ivkina.