Abai’s Works Added to the Collection of Berlin State Library

The largest Berlin State Library in Germany was replenished with books of Abai Kunanbaiuly. Among the works of the Kazakh poet and educator was the first collection of poems in the Chagatai language. The rare sample was published in 1909 in Saint Petersburg. Kazakh delegation donated electronic publications, booklets, and aphorisms of the philosopher in different languages.

They also discussed with German colleagues on joint projects and opportunities to organize poetry readings and presentations of the 175th anniversary of Abai. A round table was also held in Berlin which was dedicated to the legacy of the great philosopher and popularization of his works in Europe.

“Many suggestions were made at the round table in the Embassy. One of them is the erection of Abai’s monument. Dauren Aitbaiuly said that the translation of works of the Kazakh poet into German is a natural phenomenon because it was Abai, who conveyed Goethe’s work translated by Lermontov to the Kazakh people,” said Director of Regional Universal Scientific Library, Sharbanu Dinasilova.

“Our library is the largest in Germany. We have an extensive collection of literature, both in German language and in the original language. We are glad that the literature of Kazakh authors has been added to our collections. It is very good that the delegation from Kazakhstan came to Berlin and told us about Abai’s works,” said Head of Oriental Department of Berlin State Library, Christoph Rauch.

Photo: 24.kz