Kazakh Diaspora in U.S. Held Abai Readings

Abai’s poetry is being read in faraway America. Kazakh diaspora in Washington holds literary evenings dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly. The events were held to honor the Kazakh traditions and culture as the people live far from their homeland.

According to the attendees, each of the meetings has strengthened the feeling of an inextricable connection with Kazakhstan. They carefully keep the collections of Abai’s works and believe that the Words of Edification are very helpful in understanding the issues of pedagogy and morality.

“Ақ киімді, денелі, ақ сақалды, соқыр мылқау танымас тірі жанды. Үсті-басы ақ қырау түсі суық, басқан жері сықырлап келіп қалды,” said Resident of Washington, Rozlana Altynbek.

“Әсемпаз болма әрнеге, Өнерпаз болсаң, арқалан. Сен де — бір кірпіш дүниеге, Кетігін тап та, бар, қалан!”, said Resident of Washington, Yerkanat Tasybayev.

Photo: 24.kz