Books of Great Abai were Donated to Slovak Academy

Books of great Abai were donated to the Central Library of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Bratislava is the third capital of Europe where Abai's works have been brought to. The National Academic Library of Kazakhstan donated 200 books to Bratislava. The books include historical novels, collections of poems, anthologies and the works of Abai.

 “We are very grateful to the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan! This is a truly valuable gift. This publication is important to us. We hope the book collection will be of interest to our readers,” said Director of Central Library of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Michal Sliacky.

The gathered people heard Abai's words in Slovak for the first time. Orazaly Yerlanuly and other Kazakh students translated Abai's 32 words.

“The moment we knew that the event was planned, we started preparing. We spent nearly two weeks on translations. It was not easy to accomplish. Old Kazakh words used by Abai are difficult to convey in the Slovak language. Finding a similar word in another language is difficult because of the richness of Kazakh language,” said student, Orazali Yerlanuly.

The works of the great poet will be published in another European language. The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bratislava will present a book of Abai in the Slovak language this summer.

“As part of the 175th anniversary of Abai, with support of our embassy, the words and poetry of Abai have been translated into Slovak. We expect that our countries will become closer to each other,” said Kazakh Ambassador to Slovakia, Roman Vassilenko.

Librarians of Kazakhstan and Slovakia discussed the prospects of future projects and the expansion of the range of cooperation. Kazakh specialists are interested in Slovakia's experience in the digital transformation of books. A small concert closed the ceremony. Students played dombra and sang Kazakh songs.