The anniversary of Al-Farabi will be celebrated under the auspices of UNESCO this year

The anniversary of Al-Farabi will be celebrated under the auspices of UNESCO this year. This implies the extensive research of the scientist’s legacy. His works such as ‘Treatise on the views of the residents of the virtuous city,’ ‘The pearls of wisdom’ and ‘Civil policy’ are of great interest. In total, more than 100 works of the scientist written in Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic have been preserved to this day. Al-Farabi commented on the works of the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle.


 - Everybody knows that Al-Farabi has been named as the second philosopher after Aristotle. The philosopher had fundamental knowledge in many areas including, mathematics and music.

The Alma mater of Al-Farabi Studies is the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies. In the 1990s, the Kazakh National University also launched the Al-Farabi Studies. In the future, following the example of Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi research centers will be opened in 12 countries. Prior to the anniversary of the great philosopher, Kazakhstan’s center will host an international symposium and will launch a new electronic platform.


 - Our goal is to put together all the variety of information about Al-Farabi, so an interested person can go to the website and find films, documents, primary sources, and scientific articles. The philosopher’s ideas are still relevant and they can give solutions to many problems.

The website will work based on an invisible college. It will be a community of Al-Farabi scholars from around the world. They will publish their projects and have discussions. In addition, the platform will provide online courses on the heritage of the great philosopher.