Unique Campaign to Popularize Abai’s Legacy

Volunteers in the Turkistan region found a new method of popularizing Abai’s legacy. Activists organized readings of works of Kazakh poet in tourist places.

“We showed the image of young Abai. We tried to convey his ideas. What he wanted to tell. We tried to recreate the image of a young poet. If some people are not familiar with the works of Abai Kunanbaiuly, then we must tell about them. It would be great if we can reach out to as many people as possible,” said Staff of Cultural Center of Tole Bi District, Timur Tastanov.

The Map of Holy Places of Kazakhstan includes nine monuments in the Turkistan region. One of them is a rock which was named in three languages: Arabic, ancient Turkic, and Persian. Every year thousands of travelers and pilgrims arrive to see the rock. Volunteers organized the trivia contest. They asked the tourists various questions about the life and work of Abai Kunanbailuly. They even sang Abai’s songs.

“I think that the campaign on the popularization of Abai’s legacy organized by young volunteers in the touristic sites left an unforgettable impression, ” said Resident of Zhambyl Region, Beisekul Omarkyzy.

The campaign on the popularization of the great Kazakh poet’s legacy will last until the end of the year.

Photo: khabar.kz