Al-Farabi Historical and Cultural Center in Damascus is Ready to be Opened

Al-Farabi Historical and Cultural Center in Damascus is Ready to be Opened

The Al-Farabi historical and cultural center is ready to be opened in Damascus, Syria. The decision was made by a working group created from representatives of the Ministries of Kazakhstan. On the eve of the 1,150th anniversary of the great philosopher, the Kazakh delegation arrived in the city to study the state of the historical and cultural center and outline a further work plan.

“Upon arrival in Damascus, we found out that the Al-Farabi cultural center is in good condition, despite the fact that there was a war in this country. The Syrians were very careful about this idea, they preserved this center, which was built on the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Currently, the task is to study the technical condition of this building. It is needed to be redecorated and repaired, but, generally the building is ready to be opened,” said Ambassador-At-Large of Kazakh Foreign Ministry, Kairat Lama Sharif

Unlike the ancient Greek philosophers, Al-Farabi did not limit the ‘human’ concept with ethnic boundaries. In his written works, he affirmed that the possibility of introducing people to knowledge does not depend on national, racial, social and religious affiliation. The main goal of creating the Al-Farabi cultural center in Damascus is to popularize the philosophical legacy of the great compatriot. In the future, conferences, lectures on history, customs and traditions of Kazakh people as well as courses on Kazakh and Arabic languages are planned to be held in the center.