Filming of Al-Farabi Documentary

Filming of Al-Farabi Documentary

Kazakh filmmakers are shooting a movie about Abu Nasr Al-Farabi. The Arrival of the Teacher film is dedicated to 1,150th anniversary of the great teacher and philosopher. The creative crew led by film director Sergei Azimov has visited Syria. 

“We have been in Syria for four days. We have collected a lot of materials. It is one thing to watch consequences of the war from TV. The impression from witnessing the war is different. We should show how the war changes the world by proving the great ancestor’s thoughts on humanism,” said Film Director and Producer, Sergei Azimov.

During the trip to Damask, the film crew has found handwritten tractates of Al-Farabi in the national library. The agreement on obtaining the copies is being conducted. The trip to Cairo was fruitful as well. The film crew took the copy of the unpublished handwritten works of the philosopher. Now the precious works are being translated to Kazakh.

In total, 40 works of the scientist is being studied in the modern day. Six of the works are kept in Hebrew, two are written in Latin, and the remaining 30 are written in Arabic. The philosopher commented on Aristotle's work and even improved it. Therefore, Al-Farabi is considered as a second teacher of humanity. The documentary is being filmed with the support of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

“The Europeans were surprised when they returned. Indeed, we didn’t understand Aristotle. We discovered a new teacher through Al-Farabi’s works and his huge contribution," said Rector of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Galymkair Mutanov.

The Arrival of the Teacher documentary film about Al-Farabi will be introduced to the public. The film will be showcased on TV and will also be distributed to schools and universities.